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Are You Worried About “IF” or are You Prepared for “WHEN”?

Most people live paycheck to paycheck. So what happens when your paycheck doesn’t come due to your accident or illness? Think of this: 60% of all personal bankruptcies come from medical expenses. Health insurance alone cannot protect you from this frightening statistic. Today, with the health insurance industry changing frequently and drastically, the security of supplemental plans can take away fears of the unexpected. Don’t worry about ‘IF’; prepare for ‘WHEN’. Here’s how:


There’s no way to prepare for an accident, is there? After all, no matter how much you plan for each day, no matter how careful you are, your health and safety can be vulnerable to others’ actions. You can’t predict when an accident will occur or what type of accident it might be. Auto, construction, or mass transit accidents, sports injuries or falls can impede your ability to bring home a paycheck that provides for you and your family. What can you do? Supplemental coverage can make all the difference and prevent interruption of life’s necessities: food in the fridge, rent covered, bills handled.


Little in life is more frightening than illness In addition to coping with the illness itself, you have the added worry of how to continue to support your family when you’re not well. When you are too sick to make decisions, how does your life stay on track? Here’s one decision to make now, one very low-cost/high impact decision that your future self will thank you for. When the check comes to you for the purchases and obligations you make every day, supplemental coverage will not feel ‘supplemental’ at all; it will feel like a blessing.

Working with a pro, working with me

What will it cost you, really?

Many people worry about the cost of supplemental insurance. The price you pay for not having that protection could be far greater than the cost of coverage. Without supplemental policies, the quality of your life, your family life, will be stretched to near breaking when the unexpected illness or accident strikes. And that added stress makes recovery even more difficult. You can avoid the cost of that stress with the right optional policies in place.
The coverage may be supplemental yet the trust you have in me, your agent, is fundamental. With 40 years in this industry, my greatest source of pride has been the trust granted by clients. I know it’s my responsibility to earn that trust every day. I’ll earn yours, too. Please use the contact us link below to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Share your concerns and I’ll share the best available options for you.

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