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Make Supplemental Protection Your Superpower!


Meet Pat!


Hi, I’m Pat Price and I’ve been in insurance since 1977; clients have been with me nearly as long.

I know supplemental policies are protection, no less important than buckling up in the car. Yet it’s possible you don’t understand these policies. I was on the initial team that sold critical care policies and discovered how likely it is to become ill and run through savings for lack of an inexpensive, support policy.

A conversation with me can lead to choices that protect lives during their most vulnerable, frightening times. Today, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to share a conversation with me, about the health of your employees and how they support the health of your business.

Here's what clients have to say about Pat and Benefits by Price!

  • Pat Price has been our company’s shining light in personal wellness insurance, especially supplemental benefits, since the 1980s; since then, we have been continually grateful to access her knowledge and services. The pay outs on claims have been handled expertly and speedily which, as you can imagine, is so very welcomed in time of need.
    I can’t say enough to support and recommend Pat Price for anyone’s insurance requirements.

    Jean B. Johnson, Hans Johnson Plumbing & Air LLC

  • You got a great job but suddenly you are in the hospital for bacterial meningitis and almost die. Sure, you have healthcare insurance and most of your hospital bill is paid but what about other bills such as taking care of the home tasks such as yard care? When you get sick you can’t do everything you did in the past like driving yourself to the doctor and you need to hire a driver; who pays for that? Let’s say your wife has to take off work to take care of you for a month or two; who will pay her salary? You have to cover these cost and your healthcare insurance is not going to. In my case, I was the CEO and I could not do my job but with supplemental coverage, I was able to pay people to do my job.

    I believe in these plans so much I buy them for my friends and I will get a call maybe two years later and they say ‘thank you so much for getting me that plan’. These plans are truly the gift that keeps on giving.

    Sean Cononie

  • Patricia is easy to get on the phone and always spends time explaining our best insurance options.

    Mark Targett, CTO, All Things Good

  • Pat was easily able to walk me through the entire process of getting supplemental insurance for me and my family.

    Sara C.