Financial Counseling & Coaching Services

Financial counseling and coaching services offer opportunities to speak with a certified credit counselor to discuss financial issues.

Pat Price

4/27/20231 min read

In my opinion, the focus on workers’ financial wellness couldn’t come at a better time! Not everyone wants to — or can afford to — hire a financial planner for guidance.

The workplace is a natural fit for financial wellness programs, as it creates a mutually beneficial environment of increased engagement and financial security. Crucial financial decisions are made at work every day, and employers can take advantage of financial milestones (e.g., hiring and promotions) to increase their workers’ financial well-being.

Many financial wellness programs are designed for higher-income employees. Low- and moderate-income workers are deeply concerned about their short-term financial needs, such as managing day-to-day expenses, paying down debt and building emergency savings. These financial worries are known to affect their productivity and engagement at work.

There’s an opportunity for employers to seek out services that best match the needs of their workforce and I would like to help you to do that.

I have compiled some basic information about Financial Wellness services — what they are and why they are important to your employees and to your business that you are welcome to download.

I can add a Financial Wellness Program to your benefits at absolutely zero cost to you, or to your employees. If you would like to discuss this further, I would like that too. You can call or email me with your questions or to schedule a time to chat.