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Employee Benefits Specialist & Provider

Insurance matters because you matter –

When you face a serious injury how can you be assured you’re
still able to support your family?

Employee Benefits Specialist & Provider

Insurance matters because your family matters –

When illness strikes, how will you continue to pay bills and feed your family?

Employee Benefits Specialist & Provider

Insurance matters because your business matters –

How can you make the best choice to balance your employees’ and your business needs?

Want Your Well-Trained & Trusted Team to Give Their Best to You, Even When Illness or Accident Strikes?

Employee benefits can be a confusing topic to address and implement; rules keep changing and ‘one size fits all’ just doesn't work. Yet, there’s another kind of all-important benefit you can provide your team that will have huge benefit to you. Best of all: it costs you nothing. Hi, I’m Pat Price and I’ve devoted my professional career to improving the health of businesses and their employees with an invaluable yet under-used option: supplemental benefits. These diverse options can add enormous value to your business in surprising and powerful ways. Want to know how? Get a copy of my brief report “Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line through Employee Loyalty that Costs You $000 (yes, that’s zero)” Just fill in the brief information in the box over on the right side of the page. Employee Loyalty


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Take care of your employees, they’re your family, too

Like you, I’m an employer. I know your headaches come in all sizes, from all directions. One of the most confusing is how to provide quality medical benefits that both protect your employees and protect your business – after all, when your employees are ill or worried about paying their bills, their performance on your behalf suffers, right?
Here’s what I know: most of the employees you have today will not be working for you in 5 years; it’s just not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago. So, now that you want to offer them benefits, you need to provide the plan that covers their priorities today, not those they’ll care about in 10 or more years.
And here’s something else I know: insurance options and costs are tremendously varied and, let’s face it, confusing. Working with a professional will allow you to find the right plan – for your company, your team and your resources – while allowing you to focus on continuing to build your business

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Pat Price

Benefits by Price

With the rising costs of health care, many employers have found effective savings with higher deductibles and lower premiums. This may be a good way to keep costs down yet, it’s challenging to balance the benefit needs of your employees and your business. Unfortunately, many people, including your employees, may not have enough savings to spare.

A word about accident coverage

A recent survey shows that 47% of Americans would have a hard time coming up with $400 unless they sold something or borrowed money. This can create a real and unexpected hardship. Accident coverage can help employees pay for an emergency situation and/or the financial burden of a high deductible. This is just one of many effective strategies I can help you implement for your team. Let’s have a quick conversation to explore the best one that works for you, your business, your employees.

About us

Meet Your Agent, Pat Price

Hi, I’m Pat Price and I’ve been in insurance since 1977; clients have been with me nearly as long.

I know supplemental policies are protection, no less important than buckling up in the car. Yet it’s possible you don’t understand these policies. I was on the initial team that developed critical care policies and discovered how likely it is to become ill and run through savings for lack of an inexpensive, support policy.

In fact, my devotion to clients comes from my own experience, becoming responsible for my toddler brother and my teenaged self when mom died. Lack of coverage left us vulnerable and took away many opportunities.

I began my career with a chance reading of Og Mandino’s book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. A personal, inner voice said this direction would support my 2 young children. It has and I’ve since supported countless others during extended illness, accidents and death.

A conversation with me can lead to choices that protect lives during their most vulnerable, frightening times. Today, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to share a conversation with me, about the health of your employees and how they support the health of your business.

Benefits by Price

With the insurance industry constantly in flux and becoming more confusing, it’s harder for you, the employer, to research and make the right choices for each of your team members.
And why should you?
You’re not a specialist in this field; I am.
Let’s have a brief conversation to talk about how supplemental benefits can help you attract and retain the qualified team that will help grow your business.


What Our Clients Say:

Pat Price has been our company's shining light in personal wellness insurance, especially supplemental benefits, since the 1980s; since then, we have been continually grateful to access her knowledge and services. The pay outs on claims have been handled expertly and speedily which, as you can imagine, is so very welcomed in time of need.
I can’t say enough to support and recommend Pat Price for anyone’s insurance requirements.

Jean B. Johnson, Hans Johnson Plumbing & Air LLC

You got a great job but suddenly you are in the hospital for bacterial meningitis and almost die. Sure, you have healthcare insurance and most of your hospital bill is paid but what about other bills such as taking care of the home tasks such as yard care? When you get sick you can't do everything you did in the past like driving yourself to the doctor and you need to hire a driver; who pays for that? Let's say your wife has to take off work to take care of you for a month or two; who will pay her salary? You have to cover these cost and your healthcare insurance is not going to. In my case, I was the CEO and I could not do my job but with supplemental coverage, I was able to pay people to do my job.

I believe in these plans so much I buy them for my friends and I will get a call maybe two years later and they say 'thank you so much for getting me that plan'. These plans are truly the gift that keeps on giving,

Sean Cononie

Patricia is easy to get on the phone and always spends time explaining our best insurance options.

Mark Targett, CTO, All Things Good

Pat was easily able to walk me through the entire process of getting supplemental insurance for me and my family.

Sara C.
Take care of your child because kids have accidents, too!

Insurances for
your child's future

Benefits by Price

Pat Price

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Pompano Beach, FL 33066

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